I have installed Yappari and it’s performance is pretty convincing. I do hope this issue would fixed on the next update or version. All times are GMT. Originally Posted by sulu In my opinion, the most convincing feature of this particular N is the qwerty keymat with four cursor keys, which also seems to be in pretty good condition. AnonD, 22 Feb Ok guys, here is the link for sygic india maps http:

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I did a search yesterday for sygic maps maemo and i found a torrent for sygic maps 10 and i installed that. Meanwhile, while N has been sitting on the shelf waiting its time to shine, I’ve already swapped my Z1 to something less ancient, therefore I don’t really have a need for a 3rd phone.

I installed it correctly, same as u said but now when i open it on my tablet it opens and then gets shutdown in 2 seconds. It’s more like a “complete smartcomputer” not a “smartphone with a mawmo camera”. All times are GMT. Last edited by javispedro; at Thanks to our community.


This file holds the information on which number you are using and if you are registered etc. Send a private message to zenecho. The Jolla has a user replacable battery?

Originally Posted by davisrases Post Hello everyone! They must have seen long ago that MeeGo was gonna hit those delays, and still they kept their programmers busy with the already dead Symbian instead of making a worthy N successor.

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Bugs can be reported here before you post a bug, read the first post for how to obtain the log ; Sneakpeek: Send a private message to explit. Just rumors are not always true.

Find all posts by Protegio. But i think this is not a big problem. N belongs to another landing of mobile devices. N and now N? EU charger, EU mobile bands etc.

How can I help you today? I contacted sygic maps and asked if mameo have maps for India, but they said no. Unfortunately, i have tried from several way to mameo and all of md5 is d3da4adfd76d7ca4fe50f0 Now, i don’t know where i get it? I live in the U. Where can i report bug? I fixed this one doing this: So this is why I have finally decided that maybe someone else will have more use for the N than I currently have.


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Could you let me know ig which step you had difficulty? There is no fixed amount so all donations are very welcome! Yappari contact is synchronize with your phone book. Find all posts by Jordi. The shiny coating around the back camera has came off at one spot too. I have to start the app again to get it to appear and connect.

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For the people who own the Polarcell battery: Thanx again Scorpius, u r the best! I had problems installing 0. It is reflashed back to the stock Maemo 5 Global Version.